1500 structured tests: level 2, 2nd edition by Edward R. Rosset

By Edward R. Rosset

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On the right as we do on the continent. a) to driving b) drive c) to drive d) driving 10. We are not used ... these things in here. a) to doing b) do c) doing d) to do 11. Father is not very fat now, but he ... fatter. a) is used to be b) used to be c) used to being d) is use to be 12. He often sleeps out in the open. He is used ... out in the open. a) to sleep b) to sleeping c) of sleeping d) of sleep 13. I know he smokes now but he didn't ... before. a) used to smoke b) use to smoke c) use to smoking d) used to smoking 14.

Of dying. a) was fear b) had afraid c) had fear d) was afraid 10. The children ... tonight. a) are not hungry b) have not hungry c) are not hunger d) have not hunger 20. It ... cold yesterday, wasn't it? a) had b) has c) was d) is 44 WEIGHTS AND MEASURES 11. This truck can carry about five tons. Yes, it's a a) five-ton truck b) five tons truck c) truck of five tond d) five-tons-truck 1. A pint of milk is about .... a) half a litre b) two litres c) sixteen litres d) four litres 2. In England an average-sized man weighs about stone.

A) house wooden c) houses wood 8. This is a beautiful , a) chair garden b) garden chair c) chair's garden d) garden's chair b) wood houses d) wooden houses 18. ' a) door's bell b) door bell c) bell's door d) bell door 9. The ... were taken away. a) dead b) deads c) dead people d) dead's people 19. This is the goose that laid the ... a) golden's eggs b) eggs golden c) golden eggs d) golds eggs 10. The ... don't like learning languages. a) English b) English people c) people English d) Englishmen 20.

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