21 Rules to Live By by Steve Ferber

By Steve Ferber

In 21 ideas to stay through: A Pathway to private development journalist and entrepreneur Steve Ferber, who retired on the age of 39, gathers knowledge from self-help professionals worldwide and offers them along his personal special perspective to convey readers a compact procedure for day-by-day residing. Ferber has spent the higher a part of the final 20 years looking for solutions to life's so much penetrating questions. 21 ideas to stay through offers the solutions within the kind of serious principles for dwelling with your self, and dwelling with others. full of precious and well timed recommendations, this special access into the self-improvement style offers readers the instruments to make clever judgements and accomplish their ambitions.

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Anna Pavlova If you watch television long enough, or read the day’s news, or watch the frenzied pace in the corporate world, it’s hard not to believe that life’s penultimate goals are productivity and efficiency. The world’s marketing engines drill the message home every day -- if you buy this new software package, this new cutting appliance, this new 3:1 drill kit, then you’ll not only save time but you’ll be more productive. The message gets stuck in our psyche and, after hearing the message for, say, the zillionth time, we actually begin to believe it.

Thoughts are said to be the window to our lives, but I believe that they are the wind as well. There is no escaping the notion that our thoughts define our entire human experience -- they stand behind every word that we speak, every action that we take and (nearly) every emotion that we feel. Yet, knowing this, we spend but a fraction of our time examining our thoughts. Instead, we spend much of our day repeating tired and worn-out thought patterns. ” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson This book is about changing those patterns, about thinking new thoughts, about capturing more happy moments, delivering more loving smiles.

Lots of factors go into ‘fun,’ and I agree that fun is often defined by society. Unless, of course, a person is brutally honest and admits that he/she doesn’t expect to have fun. ” -- Marley C.  . even cleaning the house can be fun!  . it just depends on how you go about looking at your environment. If you constantly perceive life as a series of challenges with no opportunity for enjoyment, then fun is not going to be an ingredient of every day life. ” -- Kathy D. * * * “I decide when I am not having fun.

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