25 Days to Better Thinking and Better Living: A Guide for by Linda Elder

By Linda Elder

The ebook is geared up into 25 day-by-day readings, and postulates that by way of focusing our realization on definite methods of considering, we will develop into a extra serious philosopher, which in flip is helping us "observe, video display, examine, check, and reconstruct" our considering, which could aid us reside greater lives.
After interpreting this publication for the prescribed 25 days, i need to agree that my pondering did increase and my existence was once made richer through focusing my consciousness at the day-by-day pondering ambitions. for instance, Day nine has you considering via implications; on Day 14 you're to forestall pondering like a conformist; and on Day 21 you're to attempt to be a citizen of the world.
Once you learn during the ebook, the authors recommend turning this 25 day plan right into a 25 week plan wherein you'll specialise in each one unmarried day's considering recommendation for a complete week. i'm going to certainly learn this ebook time and again.

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State your main point) In other words... (elaborate on your main point) For example... (give an example of your main point) To give you an analogy... (give an illustration of your main point) Day Six: Clarify Your Thinking 17 To clarify other people’s thinking, you might ask any of the following questions: • Can you restate your point in other words? I didn’t understand you. • Can you give an example? • Let me tell you what I understand you to be saying. Do I understand you correctly? As you begin to use these strategies, note how seldom others use them.

Look for examples of empathetic behavior in others. Practice being empathetic. For example, whenever someone takes a position with which you disagree, state in your own words what you think the person is saying. Then ask the person whether you have accurately stated her or his position. Notice the extent to which others empathize with you. See whether there is a difference between what they say (“I understand”) and what their behavior possibly implies (that they aren’t really listening to you).

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