30 Minutes to Manage Your Time Better (30 Minutes Series) by Tony Atherton

By Tony Atherton

There are 168 hours in per week yet a few weeks it feels as though we have now been short-changed. the place did the time pass? this article advocates spending half-hour on a daily basis taking keep an eye on of a while.

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All classified papers were locked into cabinets when the office was unoccupied; otherwise they joined the merry-go-round on top of his desk. One day he and his colleagues missed their lunch break because one secret paper was missing. After hunting for an hour he found it in the midst of his desktop mayhem. Communications Poor communications within a company should get the gold watch award for time wasting. This award should apply to all types of communication at all levels. p65 48 12/06/00, 15:16 Getting Organized · Tips n Give clear and unambiguous instructions.

To Manage Your Time Better Put all these C-papers into one place, such as a drawer or box, and temporarily forget about them. Check them quickly once a week. Deal with the few that now need action. Throw away as many as you dare. Put the rest back until next week. They are neither lost nor in the way and they will not turn into crises in a week. Put all the ‘don’t know what to do with it’ papers in one place out of sight. Check them weekly. In a company whose work was classified as ‘secret’ one manager had a grossly untidy desk.

Office or work area Your office or work area can influence your effectiveness. An open plan office encourages communications and interruptions, whereas a closed office can do the opposite. Furniture Does your desk or workbench face the corridor? If passersby make casual or unintended eye contact with you then you will be interrupted more than if they do not. Somehow it seems rude to ignore someone once eye contact has been made. If this is a problem, turn your desk away from the corridor or arrange a partition or screen.

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