The 60-Second Procrastinator by Jeff Davidson

By Jeff Davidson

The extra issues that compete on your time and a spotlight, the bigger even small initiatives loom perceptually. all people this present day feels the enormity of what they should get performed. but, a number of the goods that you just face require just a couple of mins each one. it is not that undesirable. With this leading edge, funny, high-energy application you could learn how to vanquish procrastination with the simplest of them!

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Months after seeing the movie, I read an article in Smithsonian magazine about how aircraft carrier decks are to be completely clean and clear before a plane lands. "All hands on deck" on an aircraft carrier means that everyone, even senior officers, needs to pick up a push broom and sweep the deck clear. The goal is to leave nothing on the surface of the deck, not even a paper clip, in order to ensure a successful landing. If there is debris on the deck as a plane approaches or an earlier plane has not left the landing strip, the approaching plane is likely to crash.

If you know you're going to need support somewhere down the line, ensure at the outset that it will be forthcoming. This will help you get started on projects that you otherwise may find yourself lingering over. You intend to clear out the garage (yeah, right) on Saturday. So, during the week, as you pass retail stores, it is to your advantage to buy needed items such as garbage bags, a whiskbroom, window cleaning solution, storage boxes, or even bug spray. " —ANONYMOUS By assembling these items in advance—lining up your ducks— you all but ensure that you'll proceed at a productive pace on Saturday when you tackle the job you have been planning.

How did you feel? What was your level of fitness? What did you eat that morning? Setting Up 37 Consider the time of day and week: • What time of day was it? • What day of the week was it? • What had transpired earlier? • What was forthcoming? Think about the tools available: • Were you using a computer? • Were you using other equipment? • Did you have a pen or pencil? • Did you have a blank pad? • Were you online? • Were other resources available? • Were periodicals, books, or directories present?

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