Flora of Northeastern Minnesota by Olga Lakela

By Olga Lakela

A plant life of Northeastern Minnesota used to be first released in 1965. Minnesota Archive variants makes use of electronic expertise to make long-unavailable books once more available, and are released unaltered from the unique collage of Minnesota Press editions.

A guide for the identity of the ferns, fern allies, flowering vegetation, bushes, shrubs, and herbs of Minnesota's Arrowhead sector, this quantity lists 113 botanic households and describes 1,300 species, with keys for id. There are eighty line drawings of plant species and 419 maps displaying distribution.

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Elatius Blades mostly of one kind, fertile, stipes reddish f. rubellum Var. Michauxii. Common in damp woods, swamps, and meadows. 13759 ash swamp, Crane L; 13612 QSWA along trail, Basswood L; f. elatius (Link) Clute. 1874 bayside bog, Minn Pt, Duluth; f. rubellum (Gilbert) Farw. 12306 hardwood forest, Floodwood. Nfld to Alas and s. 26 Cryptogramma R. Br. Rock Brake (Gr. cryptos, concealed, gramma, line, referring to the continuous sori under the leaf margin) C. ) Prantl. Cliff Brake. --Known in ne Minn only on L Superior and in Cook and Lake Cos.

Pectinatus Branches ascending, forking; fruit beakless P. filiformis Floating leaves commonly present. Stems usually simple, reddish throughout P. alpinus Stems simple or forking above, green throughout or slightly rufescent. Floating leaves more than 2 cm long. Floating leaves cordate, submersed leaves narrowly lanceolate; fruit not keeled . . P. natans Floating leaves rounded or tapering at bases; fruit keeled. Floating leaves elliptic-ovate. Submersed leaves broadly lanceolate, arcuate or flat.

13552 Caribou L, nw of Duluth; 9190 Fryingpan L, Palo. Que to Alta and s. 36 P. Berchtoldi Fieber. Berchtold's Pondweed. --Local. 5127 Deep L near Gilbert. Greenl and Nfld to Alas s and w. P. foliosus Raf. var. macellus Fern. Leafy Pondweed. --Common. 13311 Ash R, near Kabetogama L; 2661 Superior Bay, Oatka Beach Addition, Minn Pt, Duluth. Transcont. P. Robbinsii Oakes. Fern Pondweed. --Common. 12142 Sturgeon L n of Hibbing; 11439 Caribou L, nw of Duluth. NB, Ont and s. P. vaginatus Turcz. Sheath Pondweed.

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