A Grammar of Mian by Sebastian Fedden

By Sebastian Fedden

Mian is an endangered non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language of the okay kinfolk spoken within the Highlands fringe in western Papua New Guinea via nearly 1,400 audio system. This grammar is the 1st accomplished description of the language with targeted research of tone, gender and clause chaining. The research is predicated on basic box facts recorded through the writer. The booklet features a choice of absolutely glossed and translated texts and a notice list.

Winner of the 2013 ALT Gabelentz Award

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1. 6 Such a distinction is not found in any of the other Mountain Ok languages, which all have a single form nu(u)- or no-, but, for example, in the Lowland Ok language Ninggerum, which has ni ‘we (EXCL)’ and nib ‘we (INCL)’7 (Healey 1964a: 67). I mentioned above that the position of Ngalum within Ok is unclear. Healey tentatively classifies Ngalum as belonging to a Division C within Mountain Ok but considers it possible that Ngalum constitutes a third subfamily besides Mountain and Lowland Ok.

3 below for further discussion of this point). Vowels and diphthongs behave identically as nuclei in syllables, which are the tone-bearing units in tone assignment. Both can function as a syllable nucleus and both can be assigned one tone. 2. Vowels 29 concatenation often create vowel clusters whose status as single phonemes is doubtful. In this analysis, I accept as phonemic only diphthongs which occur (also) in lexical stems and do not only exist due to morpheme concatenation. g. éil ‘pig’. In the rest of this grammar the term ‘vowel’ is always meant to include the diphthongs unless otherwise specified.

Whereas the work of preparing food is mainly in the hands of the women, the work of procuring food is divided between the sexes. While the Brought to you by | New York University Bobst Library Technical Services Authenticated Download Date | 10/16/15 4:09 PM 14 1. The language and its speakers women spend more time in the gardens, it is exclusively the men who hunt large animals, such as pigs and cassowaries. The women are responsible for supplementing the diet with small animals like reptiles and rodents.

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