A LM IA Ceramic Kiln in South-Central Crete: Function and by Joseph W. Shaw, Aleydis Van de Moortel, Peter M. Day,

By Joseph W. Shaw, Aleydis Van de Moortel, Peter M. Day, Vassilis Kilikoglou

An in-depth research of the past due Minoan IA cross-draft kiln came across in the course of excavations at Kommos on Crete. The kiln is of a kind that used to be well known through the Neopalatial interval, and its sturdy nation of upkeep has allowed the authors to take a position approximately its unique inner format and use, in addition to the roof that lined it. the big volume of in the neighborhood produced pottery present in organization with the kiln is analysed, permitting a close examine of the shapes, ornament, and technical features of vases fired in a LM IA kiln.

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Fabric sample 95/38; fabric group 2a. surface. 1% inclusions. Spout and handle attachments quite wellintegrated. Exterior dilute black to reddish brown monochrome. Interior dark-dipped rim. Kiln, channel 4 (trench 95A, pail 131). 35 (C 10550). Bridge-spouted jar Fig. 34 36 (C 10282). Bridge-spouted jar Fig. 34 20% preserved, 16 sherds mended into 5 nonjoining fragments. 40% rim, 33% upper body, 20% lower body, spout, parts of two handles. About three-quarters of profile preserved, missing base and part of lower body.

37 7 joining base fragments preserving 75% base and small part of lower body. Pres. H. 068, Diam. 297. Coarse fabric with reddish yellow fracture and paler reddish yellow surfaces. 25% inclusions. Coilbuilt. Slightly overfired. Exterior and interior pale yellow slip. Coated with calcite. Kiln, channels 2 (trench 95A, pail 172 [6]) and 3 (trench 97F, pail 72 [1]). Fabric sample 95/6; fabric group 4. Fig. 37 36 sherds with few joins, preserving 15% rim, 20% body, 4 horizontal handles. No base. Diam.

Coil-built. Handle attachment wellintegrated. Unpainted. Plastic and impressed rope band below the rim. Kiln, channel 3 (trench 97F, pail 72 [6]) and firing pit (trench 95A, pail 111 [1]). Dump, light brown (trench 87B, pail 97 [1]) and red (trench 87B, pail 96 [2]) soil strata east of kiln; red soil stratum northwest of kiln (trench 95A, pail 150 [1]). 81 81. For the difference between my fabric texture identification and that of Day and Kilikoglou (below), see above, note 71. the area around the kiln, and the pot tery Figure 37.

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