a practical approach to identifying and tracking

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Visual Agnosia, Second Edition (Bradford Books)

The cognitive neuroscience of human imaginative and prescient attracts on forms of proof: useful imaging of ordinary topics and the examine of neurological sufferers with visible problems. Martha Farah's landmark 1990 booklet visible Agnosia provided the 1st finished research of problems of visible attractiveness inside of the framework of cognitive neuroscience, and is still the authoritative paintings at the topic.

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In the hours after the oxygen leak was discovered, workers emptied the fuel tanks as carefully as they had filled them and opened the payload doors, hoping to find the source of the oxygen leak that had sent the crew back to the ground. Bag-suited engineers climbed aboard a platform that would lift them to the front of the cargo bay to start their inspections. Just as they began to rise, a spotter on the ground was distracted, and the platform bumped into the Canadarm, the shuttle’s robotic arm.

Instead, Lockhart’s vacation plans had been canceled, and he was pressed into emergency service, jammed into the same seat on the same shuttle he’d occupied just that past summer. It was still set for his height, and he settled right in. Loria was less comfortable on his perch back in Houston, and he wasn’t alone among the unhappy spectators. Joining him was Dr. Don Thomas, a four-trip veteran and the science officer who had been expected to join Bowersox and the Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin—a former engineer who had logged nearly a year in space on Mir, the International Space Station’s burned-up predecessor—for their stay.

He didn’t want his friend killed with kindness, however, and he began casting his mind toward switching out the entire crew. It didn’t take him long to shake off that option like a shiver. The clean sweep would have crushed Budarin and brought Thomas no closer to space. And in the honesty of his private company, Bowersox had to admit that his own itching to fly bordered on a sickness. Through the semidarkness, he stared down the prospect of spiking what might be his last stab at it. He was forty-five years old, almost forty-six, growing long-toothed by astronaut standards; he’d lost his ginger hair a long time ago.

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