A Remarkable Collection of Babylonian Mathematical Texts: by Jöran Friberg

By Jöran Friberg

The e-book analyzes the mathematical pills from the personal choice of Martin Schoyen. It comprises analyses of capsules that have by no means been studied sooner than. this offers new perception into Babylonian realizing of subtle mathematical gadgets. The booklet is punctiliously written and arranged. The capsules are labeled in line with mathematical content material and objective, whereas drawings and photographs are supplied for the main attention-grabbing pills.

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In addition, since the long side of a rectangle in MS 2729 is equal to the short side of a rectangle in MS 2728, the three rectangles in the former text can be linked to the three rectangles in the latter text as shown in the third diagram in Fig. 2. 13 14 1. Old Babylonian Arithmetical Hand Tablets obv. 3˚ 5 1˚ 7 3˚ 3˚ 4˚ 2˚ 3 2˚ rev. empty 3˚ 5 4˚ 5 3˚ 4˚ 3 cm MS 2729. Three consecutive multiplication exercises. obv. 5˚ 4˚ 5 5˚ 5 3˚ 7 3˚ 4˚ 5 5˚ rev. empty 5˚ 11˚ 5˚ 5 5˚ 5 MS 2728. Three similarly consecutive multiplication exercises.

There exist quite a few indications that the same field expansion procedure was still operative in the Old Babylonian period. Against 18 1. Old Babylonian Arithmetical Hand Tablets this background, the construction of the side numbers appearing in exercise # 4 on MS 3955 can be explained as follows. (Cf. the extensive discussion in Sec. 1 b below of the numbers associated with a drawing of a trapezoid on the round clay tablet MS 2107. See also the discussion in Appendix 6 below of the Old Akkadian exercises DPA 34 (Fig.

1 3 11 06 10 42 48 57 36 15 55 30 53 34 04 48 1˚ 2 3˚ 1˚ 6 8 2˚ 4 1˚ 9 2˚ 1 2˚ 6 8 13 49 26 24 2 1 09 07 12 6 3˚ 5 5 45 36 8 4˚ 28 48 2 2˚ 4 2 24 3 cm MS 3037. Factorization of 3 11 06 10 42 48 57 36 (the 12th power of 12) by use of the trailing part algorithm. Fig. 1. Two examples of factorizations of many-place regular sexagesimal numbers. 26 1. 1 On the other hand, there exists a Late Babylonian text, about 1500 years younger, which starts with a given regular sexagesimal number, from which factors are removed one at a time by use of the trailing part algorithm.

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