Accelerator Health Physics by H. Wade Patterson

By H. Wade Patterson

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Nature of liquid crystalline nation has been of specific curiosity to representatives of alternative branches of common sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) given that its discovery in 1888. the main particular research of liquid crystals (LC) all started within the Nineteen Seventies while the importance of LC for know-how (electro-optical units, thermography) was once proven.

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1969) Semi-infinite slab NEU J 69a 13. Electrons 100MeV-20GeV Normal Alsmiller and Moran (1967) Semi-infinite slab ALS R 6 7 14. Electrons 100MeV-20GeV Normal Beck (1970) Semi-infinite slab BEC H 70 15. Photons 10MeV-20GeV Normal Alsmiller and Moran (1967) Semi-infinite slab ALS R 6 7 16. Photons 150MeV-20GeV Normal Beck (1970) Semi-infinite slab BEC H 70 54 RADIATION FIELDS 4 0 0 MeV 100 MeV 10" _L 10 _L 15 J_ 20 Depth in tissue 25 30 (cm) XBL 7 0 8 - 3 7 0 5 Fig. 8. Dose-equivalent depth distributions in a 30-cm semi-infinite tissue slab for normally incident neutrons.

As previously discussed, Baum et al. have recently reported studies that may facilitate the construction of a portable rem survey meter based upon the principles of the LET spectrometer. A third technique-neutron spectrometry-largely used around ac­ celerators and to some extent at nuclear reactors, also is of value when the radiation field is dominated by neutrons. The principle here is to determine each component of the radiation field separately and evaluate its contribu­ tion to the total dose equivalent.

The possible magnitude of these effects for electrons is discussed beginning on page 61. 34/ELX (14) where E is the photon energy, X is the mass energy-absorption coefficient in cm^/g of water. IV. Alsmiller and Moran (ALS R 67) have re­ ported electromagnetic cascade calculations from 10 MeV to 20 GeV which give agreement to within less than 30% with values of conversion factors estimated by using total absorption coefficients in water that are due to Evans (EVA R 63). Recently, however, Beck, (BEC H 70) has converted the calcula­ tions by Alsmiller and Moran by including the density effect in the electron stopping power previously omitted.

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