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Leucanthemum Flora Mesoamericana, Volume 5 (2), Asteraceaeae, page 5 of 286. 9. Tap-rooted herbs; stems branched; ray corollas yellow or white; receptacles epaleate. 11. Receptacles convex, solid; cypselae dimorphic; leaves entire to pinnatifid; pappus absent. 7. Glebionis 11. Receptacles conical, fistulose; cypselae isomorphic; leaves pinnatisect; pappus sometimes coroniform. 9. p. 1. Achillea L. , Ptarmica Mill. F. Pruski. Aromatic perennial herbs, rhizomatous, root tips never red; stems mostly simple or few branched from base, mostly erect or ascending, sometimes tufted; herbage when pubescent with simple trichomes.

Can. 3: 525, t. 4578 (1913). : Ajenjo, H. 4-1 m; stems much-branched; herbage finely canescentsericeous with subappressed trichomes. , oblong; petiole to 2 cm. Capitulescence narrow to broadly racemose-paniculate, bracteate. Capitula c. 3 mm, mostly nutant; involucre 2-3 × 3-5(-6) mm, hemispherical or subglobose; phyllaries densely sericeous, the inner ones c. 5-1 mm, often mistaken for pappus in non-dissected material. Marginal florets 10-20. 7 mm, glandular, otherwise glabrous. 5-1 mm, glabrous.

Holotype: Mixico, Michoacan, Pringle 13424 (US). , A. mexiae Standl. Tomentulose shrubs, sprawling; pseudostipules absent. 7 cm. 5 cm, ebracteolate; calyx to 10 cm, bent, reddish-purple marked with yellow within, the limb with 3 pendent, linear lobes; gynostemium 3-lobed, subsessile. Capsules 5 cm, woody, basipetal. Quercus-Pinus forest. Ch (Stevens 1278, NY); G (Standley J-8982, F); H (Standley 4787, NY). 1500-1800 m. ) 3. Aristolochia arborea Linden, Cat. Pl. Exot. 13: 6 (1858). n. ). : Guaquito de la tierra.

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