Advanced Applns of Rapid Prototyping Tech. in Modern by M. Hoque

By M. Hoque

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Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg 1998;27:334-8. Weigel T, Schinkel G, Lendlein A. Design and preparation of polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering. Expert Rev Med Devices 2006;3:835-51. Schantz JT, Hutmacher DW, Lam CX, Brinkmann M, Wong KM, Lim TC, et al. Repair of calvarial defects with customised tissue-engineered bone grafts II. Evaluation of cellular efficiency and efficacy in vivo. Tissue Eng 2003;9:S127-39. Wiria FE, Leong KF, Chua CK, Liu Y. Poly-epsilon-caprolactone/hydroxyapatite for tissue engineering scaffold fabrication via selective laser sintering.

Xia D, Gui L, Zhang Z, Lu C, Niu F, Jin J, et al. Fabrication of 3-dimensional skull model with rapid prototyping technique and its primary application in repairing one case of craniomaxillofacial trauma. Zhongguo Xiu Fu Chong Jian Wai Ke Za Zhi 2005;19:811-4. Cheung LK, Wong MC, Wong LL. Refinement of facial reconstructive surgery by stereomodel planning. Ann R Australas Coll Dent Surg 2002;16:129-32. Heissler E, Fischer FS, Bolouri S, Lehmann T, Mathar W, Gebhardt A, et al. Custom-made cast titanium implants produced with CAD/CAM for the reconstruction of cranium defects.

Rapid prototyping technology was thus employed to manufacture the 3D elements for this first – to our knowledge – Norwood mock circulatory system. 3). Retrospective MR angiographic data were used as input for the rapid prototyping process. 1. Once a first volume rendering was available, each 3D model was modified considering the purpose of the study. e. the ability of varying one variable at a time. Instead, CAD cylindrical elements of equal, physiologically reasonable diameter and length were placed in the position of the brachiocephalic vessels.

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