Advances in Experimental Clinical Psychology by Henry E. Adams and William K. Boardman (Eds.)

By Henry E. Adams and William K. Boardman (Eds.)

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Verbal conditioning performance o f psychopaths and nonpsychopaths under verbal reward and punishment. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, State University o f Iowa, 1960. Brown, J. S. & Farber, I. E. Secondary motivational systems. In P. R. ), Annual Review of Psychology. Vol. 19, Palo Alto: Annual Review, 1968. Pp. 99-134. Bryan, J. H. & Kapche, R. Psychopathy and verbal conditioning. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1967, 72, 71-73. Cleckley, H. The mask of sanity. ) St. : Mosby, 1964. Craddick, R.

Zubin, J. Classification of the behaviour disorders. In P. R. ), Annual review of psychology. Palo Alto: Annual Reviews, 1967. Pp. 373-406. 46 Chapter 2 The Retarded Child as a Whole Person 1 Edward 2 Zigler We are presently witnessing a productive, disputatious, exciting, and perhaps inevitably chaotic period in the history o f one o f man's oldest and most pressing problems: mental retardation. Given the current plethora of far from consistent research reports, views, and counterviews in this area, it behooves us to anchor this particular presentation on some bedrock view to which all current thinkers could subscribe.

Since there is considerable agreement that a deficiency in cognitive functioning is the essential defining feature of mental retardation, it is easy to see why workers have concentrated on cognitive determinants and have underemphasized, if not almost totally excluded, other factors influencing the behavior o f the retarded. There is clearly a tendency to attribute all of the 49 A D V A N C E S IN EXPERIMENTAL CLINICAL P S Y C H O L O G Y atypical behavior of the retarded to their cognitive deficiency.

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