Advances in rice genetics by D S Brar; B Hardy

By D S Brar; B Hardy

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Vijayakumar, M. C. S. Ramesha, and A. Jauhar Ali Selection of suitable parents to realize the high heterotic potential of hybrids and to predict heterosis is a major component of heterosis breeding. Results on (1) grouping of parents and their relationship with heterosis and (2) genetic enhancement of heterosis are described. In the first experiment, 116 restorers whose hybrid combinations have been evaluated in national tests were evaluated in the field for 2 y. Data collected were used to group the restorers based on DMRT followed by joint scoring over traits.

Sci. Bull. Coll. Univ. Ryukyus 22:157. aN level = standard (90 kg ha–1 ), ripening condition for 1994 = hot, 1995 = medium, 1996 = cool. Table 2. 6 (100) Notes aN level = standard (90 kg ha–1 ). THR3 = ms-TML1/Ukei 581 (japonica-indica hybrid). Ripening condition for 1998 = cool, 1999 = hot. Authors’ address: Tohoku National Agricultural Experiment Station, Omagari 014-0102, Japan. Table 3. High-yielding ability of THR3 at high N level. 9 (100) date = 17 May, N level = 150 kg ha–1 , Fukuhibiki = very high-yielding japonica.

Canberra (Australia): UTC Publishing. p 87-89. Rohlf FJ. 1990. NTSYS-pc. New York (USA): Applied Biostatistics, Inc. Saghai Maroof MA, Yang GP, Zhang Q, Gravois KA. 1997. S. southern long grain rice. Crop Sci. 37:145150. Yang GP, Saghai Maroof MA, Xu CG, Zhang Q, Biyashev RM. 1994. Comparative analysis of microsatellite DNA polymorphism in landraces and cultivars of rice. Mol. Gen. Genet. 24:187194. Zhang Q, Zhou ZQ, Yang GP, Xu CG, Liu KD, Saghai Maroof MA. 1996. Molecular marker heterozygosity and hybrid performance in indica and japonica rice.

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