Affinity Chromatography Methods and Protocols by Pascal Bailon

By Pascal Bailon

Info robust affinity chromatography equipment, starting from conventional affinity purification equivalent to immunoaffinity chromatography, to using the newest phage-display know-how within the discovery of affinity ligands and medication. additionally incorporated are separations of small molecules equivalent to haptens, protein ligands, and supramolecular buildings. every one bankruptcy is dedicated to a selected approach and contains an creation, an evidence of ideas, a close fabrics record, and directions. sensible notes recommend substitute methods and describe tips to conquer difficulties. The editor works for an immense pharmaceutical corporation.

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Fung, and W. , Totowa, NJ 41 42 Podlaski and Stern Fig. 1. Orientation of immobilized antibodies on solid supports. Antigen binding sites are lost due to random orientation by direct coupling to beads (A) whereas sitedirected immobilization with crosslinking to Protein A- or Protein G-Sepharose increases available antigen binding sites (B). (Reprinted with permission from ref. 12). retically maximum binding activity (Fig. 1B). One method utilizing this approach achieves coupling to the Fc domain through carbohydrate moieties (6).

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