Aircraft: An All Color Story of Modern Flight by David Mondey

By David Mondey

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In the 1930 Air Exercises, for example, the defending Siskin fighters tried in vain to catch them. The Hart was eventually displaced by a developed version known as the Hind, this latter machine being the last biplane of bomber of the RAF's light bomber squadrons. The V'ickers Wellington bomber provided the mainstay Bomber Command's night attacks on Germany in the Second World War. To the extent that equipped no fewer than 21 squadrons, and raid was mounted against 1 ,000-bomber early stages of the at one period when the it first Cologne, in May 1942, more than half of the aircraft involved were 'Wimpeys', as the Wellington was artectionately known.

Adopted by the USAAF for operawas the Lockheed P-80. It was followed by the Republic F-84 Thunderjet (39 above), which was the last subsonic straight-wing fighter-bomber used on operations, proving particularly valuable in the Korean War. The Already in mass production before the Second World War began, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning (38 top) was a highh- successful aircraft, remaining in service with the USAAC (subsequently the USAAF), throughout the war. When the Lightning began to join front-line squadrons, its gross weight exceeded that of some contemporary bombers.

When Gloster Meteor jet fighters were first entering operational serxice in 1944, Supermarine's drawing office was busy with the designs for a similar category of aircraft. When this machine, named Attacker, entered service se\en years it became the Royal Navy's first operational jet fighter. This was superseded from March 1953 by the Hawker Sea Haivk, a clean-looking aircraft that stemmed from Hawker's first jet fighter, the P. 1040. Used operationally from the carriers Albion, Bulzvark and Eagle in 1956, in support of Anglo-P'rench landings in Egypt, the type remained in serxice later, until 1960.

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