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Required tension values and procedures are included in the MRC’s. Rope tensions should be checked annually, or as follows: a. At initial installation b. After elevator rope replacement c. After every overhaul d. During each shipyard availability e. After a suspected overload f. After a collision involving the elevator g. After a fire in the vicinity of the elevator platform or hoisting machinery h. One month and six months after replacement of elevator ropes i. Upon detection of problems extending or retracting the platform locking bars j.

The activity replacing the wire ropes. e. Any pertinent remarks concerning the condition of the removed wire ropes. 2 LUBRICATION. Proper lubrication of the hoisting wire rope is essential to reliable aircraft elevator operation. Wire rope is delivered with internal lubrication and a preservative coating. The preservative coating should be removed immediately prior to installation and the ropes lubricated with wire rope grease (MIL-G18458). The wire rope grease lubricates the outer portion of the ropes to minimize wear as they roll over the sheaves and also prevents water from entering the rope where it can remove lubricant and cause undetected corrosion.

Maintaining equal tension in all ropes and fittings within a hitch group is essential to long service and proper operation of the elevator. The tension of wire ropes within a hitch group should be maintained within a five percent tolerance. If one rope is tensioned much higher than the other ropes in its group, it will take a greater share of the load and wear out sooner. If too little tension is applied to a rope, it may fall 588-25 S9086-T3-STM-010/CH-588R1 off the sheave. An approved tension meter should be used to determine rope tensions.

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