Alcibiades and Athens: A Study in Literary Presentation by David Gribble

By David Gribble

Alcibiades (c. 450-404 BC)--general, statesman, followed son of Pericles, lover of Socrates, profaner of the Mysteries-- was once known as by way of a few the saviour of Athens and by way of others its maximum enemy. This booklet is a learn of the explosive mix of worry and fascination he excited in his contemporaries and in classical texts. It examines the intense pressure among the classical urban and the person of superlative energy, prestige, and ambition.

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71 Cf. Vernant’s discussion (: –) of Sophocles’ Oedipus. ) notes similar patterns of heroization and ignominy in the biographies of Greek poets. Cf. Knox on the polar presentation of the Sophoclean hero as beast or god (: –). 69 70 Introduction  to achieve such advances’, he claims, ‘unless they are administered by a character such as that displayed by Evagoras’ (Isoc. . ). Isoc.  presents a ‘democratic encomium’ of Alcibiades, which while attributing to Alcibiades a status and an ambition which is hardly consistent with participation in the city on a level of political equality, sees him as an ancestral friend of the demos, and credits him with the constant desire to preserve or reinstate the democracy, reconcile the citizens, and restore the city’s walls.

De. This passage is also linked by Wilamowitz (b: ) to Satyrus. It too begins ‘and the beautiful Alcibiades . . ’, and contains a story from Lysias about the debauchery of Alcibiades and Axiochus in Abydus which is also found in the passage earlier in Book  (f—a). Wilamowitz also traced three further stories in Book  (Ath. f—a), dealing once again with Alcibiades’ ‘Ionian’ luxury, to Satyrus. 39  Élite Individual and Democratic City The material in Athenaeus, b–e is not presented in a way which we would call ‘biographical’:43 there is no evidence of an attempt to trace the subject’s life chronologically, and no discussion of his public and political role.

57 Timandra (or Damasandra) and Theodote (Ath. c, e). The association with Medontis (Ath. e, a) may be of older date. On Alcibiades’ hetairai see Littman (); on the genre of the doings and sayings of courtesans, Griffin (: ). 58 Further examples: Alcibiades is painted by Aglaophon (Ath. d), or Aristophon (Plut. Alc. . ); he helps the mime-artist Hegemon of Thasos by deleting a charge made against him (Ath. bc); a victory ode for his Olympic victories is attributed to Euripides (PMG –).

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